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What if Nintendo released a Switch Pro haha jk unless?


Over five years after the release of the Nintendo Switch, fans are salivating for news about a new console, whether that be a rumored Switch Pro or Switch 2.
Last night, it seemed almost certain that a new console was on its way. As Twitch streamer Shokio wrote on Twitter, Nintendo had just made YouTube videos about the Nintendo Switch Lite and the OLED model private, which made it appear as though we might soon see a trailer announcing the newest hardware.

Nintendo has:
– Spent over 66,517 million yen on raw materials (twice they spent for the Switch Lite)
-Trademarked “NSW” which is often used in NVIDIA files to refer to the Switch platform
– Private’d their YouTube videos for the Lite & OLED
New model coming 100%.
— TLOC | Shokio 🔜 EVO 2022 (@Shokio_YT) July 5, 2022

Instead, we got a Splatoon-themed OLED Nintendo Switch. To be fair, it’s a pretty cool-looking device (the gradient joy-cons!), but… talk about anti-climax. Debuting on August 26, this admittedly-very-cute Switch is intended to drum up hype for “Splatoon 3,” which comes out on September 9. It’s not uncommon for Nintendo to release themed consoles — franchises like Pokémon and An …

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