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Elijah Quashie Is a YouTube Star for Fried Chicken. How Is He Dealing With Inflation?


If you are walking anywhere in London and spot Elijah Quashie, a.k.a. The Chicken Connoisseur, he would be grateful if you resist the urge to make a fuss. Do not shout “Chicken guy!” or ask him to record a happy birthday greeting to a friend on your mobile phone. If you have comments or questions, please keep them to a minimum.“People drawing attention to me, I don’t like that too much,” he said one recent afternoon, dressed in Nike shorts and a T-shirt and flashing a perfect set of chompers that are one of his visual trademarks. “I’ve come to see that anonymity is a privilege, and it’s a privilege that I’ve lost.”This has been true since 2016, when Mr. Quashie’s …

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