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Enact Systems connects solar installers and customers for more efficient energy use


There are about three million solar installations in the United States per year, but that process is costly and often lacks transparency. Pleasanton, Ca.-based Enact Systems wants to increase collaboration between installers and end-users with two-sided software. One side lets salespeople remotely design, price and sell solar systems, and the other enables their customers to manage their new systems, track energy and financial outcomes.
Enact currently claims thousands of users in more than 20 countries, and says it processes $1.5 billion in projects annually. Today, the startup announced it has raised a $11.5 million Series A from Energy Growth Momentum, NB Ventures, ARKA Venture Labs, Olympus Capital and Alumni Venture Funds, along with angel investors.
Before starting Enact, co-founders Deep Chakraborty and Manasij Kar spent years leading solar bus …

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