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Here are the 5 finalists of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2022


During the last two days, 20 startups pitched their companies as part of TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2022. These 20 companies were selected as the best of the brand-new Startup Battlefield 200 and competed for a chance to take home Battlefield Cup and $100,000.
TechCrunch editors and expert judges winnowed them down to the following five finalists who will be presenting in front of a whole new panel of judges on the last day of Disrupt, October 20, 2022:

Advanced Ionics
Advanced Ionics is striving to drive down the price of green hydrogen by slashing how much electricity is needed for electrolysis by as much as 50%. That’s an admirable goal, because despite all the talk of hydrogen as a “fuel of the future,” the industry is still filthy for the most part — driving climate chaos via pollution-spewing …

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