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Top Solana NFT projects DeGods and y00ts to leave the blockchain and ‘explore new opportunities’


Two top Solana NFT projects, DeGods and y00ts, have announced they are leaving the blockchain in 2023, which is stirring up conflicting sentiments in the crypto community.
Over the weekend, DeGods announced on Twitter that it will be migrating to Ethereum, while its sister project y00ts will be moving to Polygon early next year, the teams shared. The exodus will also have DeGods’ DUST token — used to trade and mint NFTs on its ecosystem — transfer to the respective blockchains.
The migration brought conflicting views from community members and the Solana NFT ecosystem as a whole, as some disapproved of the move, while others expressed excitement and one person even referred to it as a “level up.”
“At the beginning of the year, we noticed that much of th …

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