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27 People on the Streets of New York Talk About How Much Money They Make


We asked nearly 400 people to tell us how much they earn. Here are two dozen who actually spoke to us.Julia Rothman and Julia is an illustrator. Shaina is a writer and filmmaker.Jan. 13, 2023Do your co-workers know how much money you earn? Do your friends? Does your family? Salary transparency is a hot topic — new laws have recently gone into effect around the country requiring employers to disclose salary ranges as a way to tackle pay inequities.Curious how individuals feel about this movement toward transparency, we approached nearly 400 people on the sidewalks of New York late last year to see if anyone would tell us how much they make. A small fraction of the people we flagged down spoke to us. Here are 27 of them.Alison Williams, operations coordinator:“How much do I make? Not enough! But not for nothing, I do love my job even if I am underpaid.”Andreea Mincic, costume designer:“I made a lot of money on unemployment during Covid. And now I’m back to $27,000 a year. I wish I wouldn’t struggle so much. I wish I would get paid more for my value.”Alex Schwartz, lawyer:“I work in big law, so it’s pretty standard across all big firms, tha …

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