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Meta is killing Move, another experimental social app from its in-house incubator NPE Team


Meta is killing off yet another project from its in-house R&D group, the NPE Team, following the company’s sizable layoffs announced in November, impacting 13% of its workforce. The latest experiment to be wound down is the social to-do list app called Move, launched last spring, which allowed users to earn points for completing tasks on either their personal or group to-do lists. These points, in turn, could be used to customize an alpaca avatar with accessories like hats, clothing, sunglasses, and more.
Move’s broader idea had been to encourage group participation as the avatar’s customization let users see which members were the most productive, based on how many accessories the user had earned for their alpaca. However, despite the app’s lighthearted nature and potential to gamify to-do lists, the company quietly announced the app will be closing down in March.
In an iOS app update published on Sunday, Move informed its users the app …

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