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Urine luck: these CES startups want to take a closer look at your waste


You wait for years for a urine analysis company, then all of them hit their flow all at once. One of the notable trends at CES in Las Vegas this year was that the quantified-self movement is going deeper. No longer content with just measuring your heart rate, number of steps, and EKG on your wrist, a new generation of startups is inching towards full-on medical-grade analysis of its users.
Here are a few to keep an eye on:
Withings U-Scan. Image credit: Withings.
Health hardware company Withings this week released the U-Scan in Europe, and announced it is working with the FDA to secure an U.S. launch as well. The product uses a hands-free system that can take up to three months worth of measurements with a single cartridge.

Once you get over the nervousness of having that many lenses near your junk (don’t worry, there are no actual cameras involved), Olive can get on the go, ana …

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