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U.S. Trade Deficit Surged in 2022


WASHINGTON — The overall U.S. trade deficit rose 12.2 percent last year, nearing $1 trillion as Americans purchased large volumes of foreign machinery, medicines, industrial supplies and car parts, according to data released Tuesday by the Commerce Department.The goods and services deficit reached $948.1 billion, its largest total on record, after rising $103 billion from the previous year.The data showed evidence of the U.S. economy continuing to recover from the pandemic, which had held down spending on services like travel and entertainment and pushed up purchases of imported goods. Rapid inflation and higher energy prices were responsible for some of the growth, because the trade data is not adjusted for inflation.The numbers also showed signs that global supply chains appear to be reshuffling somewhat, as the U.S. government erects more barriers to trade with China and businesses seek to diversify where they source materials and g …

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