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Is there really a march from the public cloud back on-prem?


Not exactly, but the public cloud isn’t right for every workload

Ron Miller

11 hours

It turns out that the cloud is expensive, and the more workloads you move to the cloud, the more it costs. Go figure.
When we were in the “growth at all costs” phase between 2021 and 2022, it was easy to ignore or minimize the costs associated with operating in the cloud. But when companies started scrutinizing every entry in the technology budget, it became pretty clear that the cloud bills were big and only getting bigger, and maybe we should look for ways to lessen that budgetary impact.
The brute force way would be to say, “let’s just move back on-prem!” But there are major questions about this approach. Why did you move to the cloud in the first place? Maybe you were thinking there would be cost savings. But even if you were wrong on that point, it’s the agility of the public cloud that has always been its primary value proposition.
Think back for a second to the bad old days of on-prem, when you had to plan for c …

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