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The Linux Foundation Europe launches RISE, the RISC-V Software Ecosystem project


The Linux Foundation Europe, the relatively new European arm of the Linux Foundation foundation of foundations, today announced the launch of the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) project. RISE aims to bring together a wide range of software and hardware vendors to accelerate “the availability of software for high-performance and power-efficient RISC-V cores running high-level operating systems for a variety of market segments.” The founding members include Google, Intel, MediaTek, Nvidia, Qualcomm Technologies, Red Hat and Samsung.
It’s no secret that RISC-V, the free and open standard instruction set architecture, is having a bit of a moment, as some of the largest technology vendors are looking to break away from the x86 standard and Arm’s IP to build their own, specialized processors without having to pay licensing fees to the incumbents. And while it’s worth noting that …

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