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Apple needs apps for its $3,500 Vision Pro headset, and the clock is ticking


Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks with members of the media next to Apple’s new Vision Pro virtual reality headset, during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference at the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, June 5, 2023.Josh Edelson | AFP | Getty ImagesOn Monday, Apple revealed its $3,500 Vision Pro “spatial computing” headset to the public ahead of a planned launch early next year.Now Apple needs to convince developers to make apps for it, even though the hardware isn’t widely available yet.related investing newsApp support for the Vision Pro will be critical for its success. While iPad apps will be able to run inside the headset, Apple hopes developers will go beyond porting simple 2D windows to the platform and create full 3D apps that weren’t possible before on tablets, phones or laptops.”We always viewed this first generation device as a new tool/platform for developers — who now have 6+ months until the headset launches — to create the ‘killer app’ that takes AR/VR from niche to mainstream,” wrote Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring in a note Tuesday.In a technically focused presentation published by Apple on Monday, called the Platforms State of the Union, Apple said developers would be able to simulate apps for Vision Pro inside Xcode, the primary program for building software for Apple devices. Coders can run a …

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