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Get this party started! Host your own After Hours event at Disrupt


Here’s a new and, dare we say, awesome opportunity for your company to join forces with TechCrunch at Disrupt 2023. Yes, we dare! Announcing After Hours events!
Host an After Hours event at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023
What’s an After Hours event? It’s a chance to grow your brand by hosting, in affiliation with TechCrunch, an in-person, tech community–focused event in San Francisco from September 18–21 during Disrupt 2023. These side events will take place — you guessed it — after hours in the late afternoon and evening after each day of the conference. It costs nothing to apply and there’s no participation fee.
Apply to host an event of your own design and engage with more than 10,000 Disrupt attendees, as well as with your networks and the Bay Area tech community. You could host a happy hour, a career …

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