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Life insurance startup Getlife becomes Life5 and raises $10.7 million


Spanish startup Life5 has raised its third funding round and has been growing nicely since my previous post. The company also has a new name as it used to be called Getlife. In addition to its home country, Life5 now sells life insurance produts in France.
After raising a €1 million pre-seed round and a €5.5 million seed round, Life5 recently raised a €10 million Series A round (that’s $10.7 million at today’s exchange rate). Existing investor Singular is investing once again, along with Mundi Ventures and Global Brain (Sony Financial Ventures).
Life5 started with a simple premise. Many people, for one reason or another, want to subscribe to a life insurance product. And yet, it’s often a painful process as insurance companies sometimes require medical exams. …

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