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GreenRope Complete CRM

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GreenRope Complete CRM and marketing automation delivers a comprehensive solution to help your team do more with less. With sales, marketing and operations all built-in to the same system, you become a lean, data-driven organization. Increase collaboration, drive sales, build better relationships, and deliver optimized omnichannel customer experiences.

The GreenRope platform was developed to help businesses consolidate their technology stack to help them become more productive, while also saving valuable resources like time and money. GreenRope, on average, saves users 90% in total cost of ownership when investing in a full-featured solution. With our robust feature offering, each of your departments can work effectively in the CRM while also having access to customer service, marketing, operations, and more.

Our pricing model is different from competitors in that we base our pricing on the number of contacts in your CRM, rather than the number of users. This means, you do not have to pay for every user to have their own login and password. Instead, each employee can have their own password and login with specific access permissions, all for the price of a single subscription cost. Our system is built on the concept that when the entire team works in the same software, as a business, you get full transparency into your efforts, business performance, team projects, the customer experience, and more. This model helps businesses save hundred to thousands of dollars each year. Your pricing is based on actual business growth, NOT the size of your team.

GreenRope’s all-in-one CRM, marketing automation, and operations solution is built for businesses wanting to establish more effective business processes and deliver better customer experiences for optimal growth.

Products & Services


As a Complete CRM, we offer CRM as the foundation, housing all of your contacts and data. Along with a secure database, you have access to full pipeline visibility, contact research, CRM activities, workflows, sales opportunity management, quotas, reporting, click-to-call, mobile CRM, and much more. Each of these features ties directly into the contact record, so you have a 360-degree view of the contact and your relationship with that contact. You can then use all of this data to drive your marketing initiatives, as well as provide context for more productive sales and customer service calls. Our CRM is so robust, offering sales professionals, business owners, customer service reps, and marketing execs, access to the data they need to do their jobs effectively. GreenRope also offers a mobile app for on the go data management.

Marketing Automation: 

Our marketing automation tools are incredibly powerful and help businesses bridge the gap between sales, marketing, and operations. Our drag-and-drop customer journey builder is your one-stop shop for creating seamless customer experiences. Use the email builder to create professional looking, mobile responsive emails, then test them out using our campaign optimizer. Automate specific actions when recipients open or click on your emails and send each down tailored customer paths. Our landing pages & signup forms make it easy to generate new leads and automatically add them to your CRM and any customer journeys. Plus, our A/B testing makes it simple to track performance from each of your campaigns.  Our automation viewer allows you to view all of the automation setup in your account, giving you the whole pictures, so you can actively see how client’s move through your customer lifecycle.


Just as important as sales and marketing is operations. GreenRope gives business owners full control over their entire business and this includes document signing, customer service, project management, learning management, event management and more. Our ticketing feature helps team manage customer service inquiries and other requests. You can automatically assign tickets to different people on your team based on rules, trigger automation, and activate reminders to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. GreenRoe’s project management tool is a powerful way to track both internal and customer facing projects. Share updates with clients, track billable hours, set a timer, and more. Along with these two powerful features, GreenRope offers digital document signing, event management, and a learning management feature, all included with every GreenRope account.


GreenRope Complete CRM