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With more than 20 years experience defending clients, attorney Lee Lockett understands the legal system and how serious charges are often life changing. As one of the most experienced criminal defense firms in the area, we have defended countless people charged with DUI in Florida, including DUI Manslaughter, felony DUI and boating under the influence (BUI). Whether it is a DUI, assault, fraud or a capital offense, convictions result in serious consequences that will follow you for the rest of your life. The penalties are wide-ranging and can include jail time, probation, license suspension, DUI school, community service hours and heavy fines. And these matters become even more serious when serious injury or death occurs and a DUI Manslaughter charge is filed. We also provide world class representation in other criminal defense matters such as drug crimes, battery, and theft crimes.

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Lockett Law has built a strong reputation successfully defending individuals facing DUI and criminal law charges in Jacksonville and northeast Florida. With over 20 years of experience and more than 50 jury trials, attorney L. Lee Lockett has the background and knowledge required to effectively defend clients in any criminal defense or DUI case.

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At Lockett Law, when we accept a DUI case, we focus on beating the DUI charge, not simply negotiating “the best possible deal.” With extensive experience defending countless DUIs, from first DUI offenses to such felonies as DUI manslaughter, our team is deeply familiar with the complexities involved in these cases. We regularly pursue DUI dismissals, evidence suppression or charge reductions — not guilty verdicts — based on each client’s individual case.

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Representation by the right attorney is vital if you or a loved one faces criminal charges. Whether it is at the state or federal level, Lockett Law provides knowledgeable and effective criminal defense to clients. We aggressively defend our clients’ rights, providing the right guidance throughout the entire process, from initial consultation through to the final resolution. It is important to contact a qualified lawyer as soon as possible, ideally before making a statement to law enforcement.

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