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OurHealthMate provides a safe and secure way to find, book and pay for your loved ones health-checkups. Just select a clinic in the desired city, gift your friends and family a package for health-checkup and receive immediate feedback about their health.

It is a platform for hospitals and clinics to manage their interactions with patients, securely, inexpensively and efficiently monitoring their health conditions.

Patients can access their medical history online through HealthDiary while family members can also be given access to some of this information so that they can monitor their loved ones’​ progress and even pay for their care -through our unique online system – from anywhere in the world!

Access to the system is free, accessible on your computer or smartphone.

Currently operating in 350 cities across India, associated with over 1,50,000+ medical facilities and more than 28,000 doctors, we combine excellence & expertise – and are an ever growing family.

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