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We are an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with our headquarters in France (Suresnes). With a strong international presence in 149 countries and a turnover of $4.176 billion euros in 2018, we employ 22.000 people worldwide.

We are committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs with the help of healthcare professionals. We strive to provide future generations with a world where quality healthcare is available and accessible to all.

Entirely independent, we reinvest 25% of our turnover (excluding generic drugs) in research and development and use all our profits for development.

Corporate growth is driven by our constant search for innovation in five areas of excellence: cardiovascular, immune-inflammatory and neuropsychiatric disease, cancer and diabetes, as well as by our activities in high-quality generic drugs.

Currently, we have 33 drug candidates including 22 new molecular entities at various stages of clinical development. Our priorities are pathologies with high medical needs within our areas of expertise.


A medicinal product goes through a long cycle of development. From research and development (R&D) to launching a product on the market, it can take up to ten years. Each stage of this cycle involves the teamwork of business areas and specialists whose expertise is vital to creating products that make a difference in patient lives.

Our R&D is focused on five main therapeutic areas: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, neuropsychiatric diseases, and immune-inflammatory diseases. We have long been a leader in the field of cardiology and we aim to secure a place of prominence in the area of immune-inflammatory diseases.

We have 16 clinical and pharmaceutical manufacturing centres worldwide—2 in France and 4 for generics—which produce more than 600 million boxes of products each year.

Our cross-disciplinary functions are key in a world that is increasingly regulated and progressively interconnected.

Products & Services

At Servier, we specialize in medicinal products. Our primary focus is and always has been researching, developing, fine-tuning, and marketing innovative therapeutics, also known as originator drugs.

For nearly 50 years our medicines have been the fruits of our R&D labour. Over the past decade, we have been forging agreements with other companies in order to access novel treatments. We also manufacture high-quality generics through our independent subsidiaries, Biogaran, Egis, and Pharlab.

And because we believe in a comprehensive approach to healthcare, we offer eHealth solutions to oversee the entire course of patient care, from prevention to follow-up. Our medicines and therapeutic solutions are designed to address unmet medical needs in our five areas of excellence: cardiovascular and chronic venous diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, oncology and diabetes.

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