Tech for Climate Change, AI & Sustainability | Day 5 | 2021 WSGS

2021 Wall Street Green Summit
Tech for Climate Change, AI & Sustainability
April 30, 2021 | Day 5

Technology for Climate Change Solutions
10am - 12pm NY EST

Moderator: David Manning, Brookhaven National Lab

Corporate Solutions for Climate Change
John Keppler, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Enviva

Waste Heat Recovery
Alex More, TMX Technologies

Breakthrough in Battery Technology
Teague Egan, CEO, EnergyX

Brazilian Tech Solutions for Climate
Tiago Brasil Rocha, Founder & CEO, Build from Scratch

The Greenloop: Geothermal Energy
Andy Van Horn, Advisor, Green Fire Energy Inc.

Net Zero and Carbon Offsets: Credible and Science-based Corporate Goals
Stephen Donofrio, Founding Principal, Green Point Innovations

AI and Sustainability
1pm - 3pm NY EST

Moderator: David Garrison, Co-Founder & Publisher, Climate & Capital Media

Creating Carbon Credits Through Fintech in the Amazon
Luis Adaime, Founder & CEO, MOSS Earth

Spatial Finance & Natural Capital Risks: Manufacturing, Chemicals & Plastics
Gabriel Thoumi, Head of Plastics Programme & Director of Financial Markets, Planet Tracker

Transporting People & Goods: Infrastructure Decisions & Big Data
David Miller, Founder & Executive Director, 3DATX Corporation

Saving Elephants and Biodiversity Through AI
Eric Dinerstein, Director of Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions, Resolve

What Role Can AI Play in the Energy Transition
Peter Doherty, Founder & President, Red Sky Intelligence

Building Impact Community Through Technology
Denise Hayman-Loa, CEO, Carii, Inc.

Impact Investing & ESG for Raw Material Companies | Day 4 | 2021 WSGS

2021 Wall Street Green Summit
Impact Investing & ESG for Critical Material Companies
April 29, 2021 | Day 4

Impact Investing Funds & Impact Story Telling
10am - 12pm NY EST

Moderator: Kuni Chen, ESG & Impact Advisor

Water as an Impact Strategy
Christine Martini, CEO, RenoVoBlu LLC

Diversity Investing
Silvio Pupo, CEO, Logos Capital Group

The Circular Economy
Ron Gonen, CEO, Closed Loop Partners

Scaling Nordic Clean Technology
Karl Andersen, Founder & CEO, AV Group Sarl

Investing in Impact Through Scaling What Works
Shankari Mylvganam, Director of Strategy and Global Partnerships, Unreasonable Group

Customizing a Values Based Portfolio
Zach Conway, Founder & CEO, Seed Investor

ESG Investment for Greening Critical Materials Supply Chain
1pm - 3pm NY EST

Moderator: Rob Parker, Partner, SiF Capital Advisors

Carbon Neutral Commodities
Joe Raia, Chief Commercial Officer, Abaxx Exchange

Sustainable Mining
Don Bubar, President & CEO, Avalon Advanced Materials

Critical Materials are Essential for the Energy Transition: What is the Opportunity for Investors?
Stephen D'Esposito, President & CEO, RESOLVE

First Nations Perspective on Natural Resource Development & Importance for Transition to Green Solutions
Allen Edzerza, First Nations

Source & Supply of Critical Minerals - Challenges & Opportunities
John Thompson, Honorary Professor Sustainable Resources, University of Bristol

How Financial Institutions are Looking to Decarbonize Their Steel Portfolios
Lucy Kessler, Co-Lead Steel, Center for Climate-Aligned Finance

Greening Buildings, Oceantech & Hydrogen Economy | Day 3 | 2021 WSGS

2021 Wall Street Green Summit
Greening Buildings, Oceantech & Hydrogen Economy
April 28, 2021 | Day 3

Greening Buildings for The Built Environment
10am - 12pm NY EST

Moderator: Nick Aster, Marketing Director, North America, South Pole

PACE Lending for Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency
Greg Saunders, CFO, Ygrene Energy Fund Inc.

Mortgage Financing to Increase Liquidity for Energy Efficient Properties
Simone Beaty, Senior Director, Affordable Lending Product Development, Freddie Mac

Community Benefit Financing
Mary Kathryn Lynch, CFO Renew Financial

Financing Energy Efficiency in Spain
Eduardo Brunet, Founder & CEO, Greenward Partners

Clean Energy, Green Building and Decarbonization
Gregory Kats, Founder & CEO, Smart Surfaces Coalition

Decarbonization for Urban Building Owners
Brian Asparro, COO, CarbonQuest

Oceantech and Watertech
1pm - 2pm NY EST

Moderator: Rob Parker

Ocean & Tech
Daniella Fernandez, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Venture Capital in Ocean Technology
Christian Lim, Founder, Blue Oceans Partners

Innovative Methods of Sustainable Reef Restoration
Mara Haseltine, Artist

Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy
2pm - 3pm NY EST

Moderator: Rob Parker

Reversible Fuel Cells
Paul Matter, Founder & CTO, Power to Hydrogen

New Hydrogen Technology
Pat Sapinsley, Managing Director, CleanTech Initiatives, Urban Future Lab / NYC ACRE

The Productive Renewable Energy Site is the Future Clean Oilfield
Keen Yee, CEO, Galaxy FCT

Hydrogen in China
Yuki Yu, Founder & Independent Researcher, Chinese Clean Power Policy & Market Insights

AgTech, Regenerative Economy & Energy Tech | Day 2 | 2021 WSGS

2021 Wall Street Green Summit
AgTech, Regenerative Economy & Energy Tech
April 27, 2021 | Day 2

Agtech and the Regenerative Economy
10am - 12pm NY EST

Moderator: Julie Davitz, Head of Impact Solutions, Wealth Management, Bank of the West/BNB Paribas

Economics and the Future of Food
Daniel Nelson, Founder & CEO, Grow Computer

Sylvia Wulf, CEO, AquaBounty Technologies

Investing in Agtech in Latin America
Flavio Zaclis, Founding Partner, Barn Investimentos

Proven Commercial Indoor Agriculture in UAE
Terence Bolden, Managing Director and CEO at STUDPAC MUSA Corporation

State of Plant-Based Entrepreneurship
Noah Hyams, Founder & CEO, VEGPRENEUR

Remaking Meat to Save the Planet
Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

Why We Need a Forest Positive Future
Stephanie Cardenas, Manager, Forests at CDP North America

Energy Tech Solutions
1pm - 3pm NY EST

Moderator: Tom Blum, Partner, GC Andersen and NYSERDA Innovation Officer

Green City Efforts in New York City & Beyond
TJ Navarro, Sales Director, Efficiency Made Easy (EME), Constellation

Update on Offshore Wind in New York State
Mila Buckner, Senior Associate, Hodgson Russ LLP

Corporate Response to Climate Change
Scott Tew, VP Sustainability & Managing Director for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, Trane Technologies

Commercial Solar Energy Updates
Nick Blitterswyk, Founder & CEO, UGE

Scaling Innovation in Clean Energy
Kristin Barbato, Founder & CEO, Build Edison

Time for Wave Energy to Enter Commercialization
Jonas Kamf, CEO, Waves4Power

Sustainable Finance, ESG Solutions & Data Reporting | Day 1 | 2021 WSGS

2021 Wall Street Green Summit
Sustainable Finance, ESG Solutions & Data Reporting
April 26, 2021 | Day 1

New Models for Sustainable Finance
10am - 12pm NY EST

Moderator: Paul Ellis, Principal, Paul Ellis Consulting

Sheila Hollis, Chairperson, United States Energy Association & Of Counsel Duane Morris LLP

Peter Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates

Innovations in Green Bonds
Sean Kidney, Founder, Green Bonds

Sustainable Finance 101
Rebecca Self, Director Sustainable Finance, South Pole

New Financing Models for Sustainability
Tooraj Arvajeh, Founder & CEO, Perl Street

How Millennials and GenX View Sustainability
Julia Samson, Analyst, BNP Paribas

Human Capital for Sustainability
Aisha Williams, Founder & CEO, ImpactVest

ESG Data Reporting and Software Solutions
1pm - 3pm NY EST

Moderator: Lou Coppola, Partner, Governance & Accountability Institute

Latest Developments on ESG and Climate
Emilie Mazzacurati, Global Head of Moodys Climate Solutions

ESG & T Strategy for Sustainable Organizational Resilience
Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Founder & CEO, GEC Risk Advisory

The S in ESG
Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, Founder & CEO, S Factor

Software Solutions for ESG & Private Equity
Toby Robertson, Head of ESG InvestorPortal, Greenstone Software

Best Practices for an Enterprise Suppliers Program
Phil Redman, Offering Lead, OneTrust ESG

TCFD Metrics
Joseph Lake, COO, The Climate Service

Translating ESG Into Impact
Sandra Myburgh, CEO, FERN Impact Partners LLC

Revolutionizing Urban Food Systems | Azra Tanović

Revolutionizing Urban Food Systems

Azra Tanović
Co-founder & CEO, Rootically

Azra Tanović is a multi-disciplinary sustainability professional with a background in environmental & water resources engineering. She is a cofounder of Rootically and our Chief Executive Officer.

We’re revolutionizing urban food systems & empowering sustainability by challenging traditional notions of space use.

We believe that:

  • urbanization should include nature;
  • food production should include the end consumer; and
  • everyone is entitled to take control of the food they eat, the air they breathe and the life they live.

So we’ve created a fool-proof, at-home personalized vertical farming experience to bring nature to city-dwellers and ensure a new kind of urban lifestyle: where life grows on concrete & every meal is as “local” as it gets.

Sustainable Agriculture: Crops From The Sea | Mark Tester

Sustainable Agriculture:
Crops From The Sea

Mark Tester
Co-founder & CSO, Red Sea Farms

Mark Tester is the Co-founder and CSO of Red Sea Farms, an innovative Agri-tech company based in Saudi Arabia. Mark, who is ranked in the top 1% of scientists globally, also holds the position of professor of plant science at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. In 2019 he was the Head of the Food Sector at NEOM. Prior to joining KAUST in February 2013, he was an ARC Federation Fellow and professor of plant physiology at the University of Adelaide, where he established The Plant Accelerator. Previously, he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, where he also received his PhD in 1988. Mark’s passion is to constantly develop and innovate saltwater-based agricultural systems, to support global food security.

Unlocking the Potential Of Saltwater

Red Sea Farms is an Agri-tech company that delivers smart and environmentally sustainable innovative agriculture systems to produce organic, pesticide-free, premium and delicious vegetables.

Red Sea Farms came together with a joint mission of global food security to positively impact numerous food insecure regions of the world - financially, environmentally and nutritionally. With innovation driving our mission, the Red Sea Farms company and technology has been recognized with multiple awards such as the FoodTech Challenge Award 2020 and the Entrepreneurship World Cup Award 2019.

Red Sea Farms is reducing the carbon and water footprint of our food sector by developing and delivering environmentally sustainable, saltwater-based agricultural systems. The company's vision is to develop saltwater technologies that enable economically viable food production in water-scarce communities around the world—giving people more access to healthy, delicious, locally-grown produce.  Red Sea Farms technology enables farmers to grow food and cool greenhouses using saltwater and smart tech-enabled systems while saving freshwater and energy. Red Sea Farms also offers consulting services along with our lovingly-grown produce.

Red Sea Farms produce is sustainable, organic, and pesticide-free, and the company's premium-quality saltwater tomatoes are delicious with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants—they taste great and are good for you!

Technology With Heart is What We Need: The Role of AI and Deep Tech Towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability | Mustafa Mousa

Technology With Heart is What We Need:
The Role of AI and Deep Tech Towards
Urban Resilience and Sustainability

Mustafa Mousa
Co-founder & CEO, Sadeem Technology

Mustafa is a cofounder and CEO of the startup company, Sadeem, the world's first multi-patented flood information system to save lives and resources in real-time. Mustafa is a PhD holder from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Electrical Engineering and a control system engineering graduate of King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (top of the class). He has an expertise on instrumentation, flood detection and machine learning gained in KFUPM, KAUST and the department of transportation engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

Mustafa started his entrepreneurial life with a joint diploma in Entrepreneurship between UC Berkeley and KAUST. In 2019, Mustafa became a certified strategy and business development and execution professional provided by the KPI institute, and in the same year, he became an accredited Small and Medium businesses consultant by the Association of Accredited Small Businesses Consultants (AASBC).

He helped Sadeem to raise seed and growth funding (+2.6M USD funds), as well as the expansion of Sadeem's operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and the United States. In addition, Mustafa acquired several personal and professional honors and accolades through his career. For instance, he helped Sadeem to become the best IP-based startup in 2016 (In KAUST), best global startup in GITEX 2017 (In UAE), 1st place winner in ArabNet's event in 2018 (In Riyadh), as well as getting the award of the best entrepreneur in 2018 by Oqal in their 27th annual meeting (In Riyadh) (Prize money +200k USD)

Wireless Sensing Systems Company

Sadeem provides smart city solutions worldwide, saving lives and resources in real-time. Being the global leader in urban flood & traffic monitoring with a multi-patented technology that combines a sensor network, mobile applications and a visualization platform.

Sadeem was founded with one intention: to save lives using technology that creates safe, smart, sustainable cities. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, our international team of scientists, developers, and engineers bring a wealth of expertise to every one of our smart solutions.

Sadeem’s multi-patented technology provides wireless sensing systems that monitor air pollution, traffic, and flooding. We utilize solar powered sensor networks, machine learning based software, mobile applications, and visualization platforms to provide critical geographic information system (GIS) data and alerts cities can use to prepare for emergencies, address climate uncertainty, and design strong urban resilience plans.

From our beginnings as a small start-up at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in 2010, Sadeem is now recognized as a respected leader in providing smart city solutions around the world.

Wall Street Green Summit Brazil

Wall Street Green Summit Brazil
March 10, 2021

Sustainable Finance Trends Globally & in Brazil
4pm-5pm BR | 2pm-3pm NY EST

Moderador: Mauricio Prazak, Presidente do IBREI

Sustainable Finance Megatrends (EN)
Peter Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates

Corporate ESG in Brazil (PT)
Alexandre Gazzotti, ESG Analyst, Itaú Asset Management

Climate Finance 2021: Funding the transition to a Low Carbon Economy (PT)
Mariama Vendramini, Country Manager of EcoSecurities Brazil

Capital Markets, Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing (PT)
Alexei Bonamin, Partner, TozziniFreire

ESG in Practice
5pm-6pm BR | 3pm-4pm NY EST

Moderador: Fabio de Lucena, ESG Committee, IBRI

ESG Standards Globally & in Brazil (PT)
Aron Belinky, Partner, ABC Associados

Investing for Impact & ESG Reporting (EN)
Madhu Mathew, Director of Technology, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Corporate Sustainability & ESG Reporting (PT)
Andrea Santoro, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, AES Brazil

(PT) presentation in Portuguese
(EN) presentation in English