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Gillmor Gang: Director’s Cut


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Politics and tech are certainly strange bedfellows. The Gang loves to talk about filibusters and the fall of democracy, but forget it when I try to bring up my fascination with live audio. That is understandable; we never talk about the little stuff until there’s a battling billionaire angle. So it was that Jack Dorsey’s joust with Marc Andreessen over what the meaning of web3 is is brought all the web2 superstars into the thread. Tim O’Reilly, John Battelle, Chris Dixon, Catch 22’s Milo Mindbender (ok, Moxie Marlinspike?) and even web1’s Leo Laporte weighed in.
Since Covid blocked physical events, we’ve reluctantly moved to another buzzword sweepstakes dubbed the Metaverse. I agree with Keith Teare that this dog won’t hunt due to the stylistic reluctance to wear large hardware objects on our forehead, but there’s a lot more to virtual events than meets the eye. Before the pandemic, more and more meetings were moving online as we tried to juggle bac …

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