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Gillmor Gang: Rage On


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This argument over Web3 is really exciting. How does one call out either of the two main protagonists? Jack Dorsey has an unlimited hall pass now that he’s free of Wall Street’s hound dogging adult supervision of Twitter, and he’s using it for some subtle purpose. I don’t know the guy well, but I’ve always appreciated his counter-conventional attitude toward great truths he has no time for. Marc Andreessen I don’t know so well either, but I’m desperate not to be blocked by him. I listened to a Kara Swisher Twitter Space today, where she has already been blocked for some reason. She’s becoming my favorite media personality for asking all the questions I might have in a format (live audio) where I will never be invited on stage. As a consequence I find her spaces to be a fantastic validation of the new format because when she’s there, the distinctions between host and speaker and …

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