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Yahaha Studios, a platform for building no-code, immersive games, raised $50M in 3 rounds ahead of its launch this year


The success of Roblox and other user-created gaming experiences like Overwolf have democratized the concept of making games and have taken it into the mainstream. Now, a startup founded by veterans from Unity, Microsoft and EA that is building a new platform for creators to build immersive games, and related communities around like-minded people, is gearing up to launch later this year. Ahead of that, it is disclosing a healthy $50 million in funding.
Yahaha Studios, an Espoo, Finland-based startup with R&D based in Shanghai, has yet to launch a commercial product. But it describes what it is building as a no-code “metaverse for games”, where people can come together in communities to build and play games combing virtual and real-world elements.
The $50 million that it has raised, to be clear, is not new funding: it was pulled together in a period of six months, across three rounds, nea …

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