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As markets go down, government tech spending stays steady: How can investors tap in?


Josh Mendelsohn

Josh Mendelsohn is a co-founder of Hangar, and a veteran of Silicon Valley companies including Google, Sequoia Capital and Hattery. He has also served as senior tech advisor to Mike Bloomberg, focusing on helping startups and nonprofits at the intersection of tech, software and government at the federal, state and local levels.

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Mike Ference

Mike Ference is a co-founder of Hangar, and leads its Washington office. He serves as a senior partner at a major Washington D.C. public affairs firm as well as on the Congressional leadership staff in both the House and Senate.

Despite current market conditions, investors have a record amount of capital – an estimated $230 billion of dry powder — stocked away. They just have to find the right place to deploy it.
Despite the gloom, doom and scramble for yield, one sector is too often overlooked by investors, where backing technology will produce returns no matter the state of the economy: government spending in tech.
What’s more, much of government spending is focused on areas critical to society, such as climate science, disaster response, healthcare, national security and education.
The United States is currently in its most significant financing sprint since WWII. It’s a spending program the size of the Marshall Plan for domestic tech innovation, and most investors aren’t paying attention. In fact, the total amount …

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