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Daily Crunch: Cartona will use $12M Series A to expand its Egypt-based, B2B e-commerce platform


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Happy new week! Christine went on a well-deserved break, so you’ll have to deal with a double dose of my awful puns and worse headline shenanigans for a bit.
Oh! And we have a live Q&A session tomorrow at noon PT on Twitter Spaces about what a 409A valuation is and why you should care. Our very own Natasha Mascarenhas and Anita Ramaswamy will be speaking with Sumukh from AngelList and Phil from Equityzen. You can set yourself a handy reminder here. – Haje
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Verticals exploration: “In a market like Egypt, retailers are not okay with the concept of paying for [buy now pay later] with interest at the end of the month. …

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