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Let’s take a closer look at Google’s Pixel Watch


The standard disclaimer here: look for a full review in the not-too-distant future. But now, let’s get a better look at the Pixel Watch in real life, through some quick photos and a hands-on squeezed in the press scrum at the Williamsburg Google Store, following today’s event.
Image Credits: Brian Heater
I had a few early thoughts about the device, having spent a small bit of time with it before today’s big Made By Google event. As I mentioned in the early news post, there are two things that strike you immediately:
First, it looks great. It’s clear this is a premium take on the space, as cooperated by the $350 price tag. This is not an (relatively) inexpensive Fitbit smartwatch. Google is taking aim at Apple and Samsung here.
Second, it’s small. The Pixel Watch comes in one size: 41mm. That’s the smaller of the two case sizes Ap …

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