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A tool for analyzing face-to-face sales pitches lands funding from UiPath co-founder


So much software is dedicated to helping businesses improve interactions online, whether it be aimed at sales, marketing or customer service.
But despite the prevalence of the internet and an increase in digital commerce, the fact remains that over 85% of commerce still happens offline in the United States. 
Enter Rillavoice, a new startup with a niche focus: building speech analytics software for field sales teams who sell in person as opposed to via Zoom or over the phone. The company has just raised $3.7 million in seed funding in a round led by Crew Capital, an under-the-radar venture firm co-founded by UiPath co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Dines and UiPath chief strategy officer Brandon Deer.
In its first year of sales, New York-based Rillavoice has grown to seven figures of annual recurring revenue and is “cash flow positive,” according to co-founder and CEO Sebastian Jimenez Bienen, who declined to reveal hard figures. Interestingly, be …

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