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Remembering the startups we lost in 2022


It’s been a year. This roundup is never a particularly fun one to write. No one wants to see startups fail, but we’re all keenly aware that most ultimately do. A commonly cited figure suggest that 90% of these companies will ultimately fail. But even with that in mind, 2022 just hit different.
The previous two years were unprecedented in startup land, of course. Some startups blossomed and others struggled amid shutdowns and job losses. Then came the rise and fall of the SPAC wave and global supply issues. Now it’s the economy, stupid. According to figures from Crunchbase, Q3 venture capital dropped a mind-boggling 33% from last quarter and 53% from the same time last year.
The days of the $20 million seed round appear to be over — at least for now. It is, fran …

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