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Meta tries to keep denying EU users a free choice over tracking — but change is coming


After major privacy enforcement finally hit Meta’s tracking ads business in Europe earlier this year, the tech giant has confirmed it will be changing the legal basis it claims for microtargeting users in the region.
It’s still not going to ask people for their up-front consent to its data-fuelled behavioral advertising. But it will have to offer users in the European Union an opt-out if they choose to exercise their right to object — which is a first.
Back in January, Meta was fined around $410M after it found to have breached the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by lacking a valid lawful basis for behavioral advertising and violating the regulation’s transparency and fairness principles — and given three months to get its house in order.
Now, in an update to its earlier blog post about the enforcement, Meta writes that — from April 5 — it will claim a “legitimate interests” (LI) basis for processing EU people’s informati …

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