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New Twitter API tiers still miss the mark, developers say


A number of Twitter developers are expressing their disappointment with Twitter’s new API structure after recently announced changes that some say will still not meet their needs. On Wednesday evening, Twitter revealed its new API pricing plans, weeks after initially announcing its plan to shut down its free API. Now, there will be three new tiers for developers: a “Free” tier with 1,500 tweets per month, a $100 per month “Basic” tier with expanded access and an “Enterprise” tier that reportedly costs $42,000 per month.
For many developers, the first two levels may not be sufficient and the enterprise level is too expensive.
After the announcement, a lot of developers are worried that they have to either shut down their projects or pivot to providing services focused on another social network.
One area of impact could be Twitter’s bots. The new free API tier would allow an automated account to post 1,500 times a month. That’s roughly one tweet an hour and it …

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