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Deal Dive: VC interest in wildfire tech grows as the world burns around us


Frontline is the latest startup grabbing VC dollars with a $6.4 million seed round

Rebecca Szkutak

9 hours

Wildfires, and the damage they cause, are a growing problem. The U.S. saw more than 66,000 wildfires in 2022 alone, and while many think of these natural disasters as largely a California problem, they burn all across the country, causing millions of dollars in damage.
Harry Statter knows this as his entire career has focused around the intersection of the built world and natural consequences. Back in 2012, he was working at a foresting company he founded and decided to do some research on what causes buildings and structures to ignite in a wildfire. He found that 90% of structural fires were the result of wind-blown embers, which can travel seven — and up to 24 — miles from an actual wildfire. He decided to pivot.
“Active defense, by way of firefighters being at the property and protecting that structure, you simply can’t scale firefighters to the amount of structures exposed,” Statter told me. “Additionally, firefighters are there for life safety, the …

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