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For Immigrants Looking to Start a Business in the U.S., It All Comes Down to Long-Term Vision and Strategy


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As the U.S. economy experiences rapid growth this year, immigration attorneys are seeing a sharp rise in the number of foreigners wishing to launch new businesses in the U.S. But even though these entrepreneurs may have good ideas that could potentially create new jobs, the legal path to opening up shop could be a minefield.

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Despite the daunting process, it’s important for entrepreneurs to always remember that as long as you have an idea or a venture that you’re committed to, there are ways to make it a reality. The important thing is that you start right, solidify a long-term vision and fully understand all the options available to you. As an entrepreneur and immigration attorney, I believe that entering the U.S. market consists of three primary steps.Step one: Devise your business strategyFocus on what it will take to create your company, goals, long-term strategy and financial projections. Entrepreneurs oftentimes focus so much on getting to the U.S. that they lose sight of the business and investment required, which is the real key to obtaining the visa.A lot of immigrants trying to launch a b …

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