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This is the beginning of the unbundled database era


Ethan Batraski

Ethan Batraski is a partner at Venrock and focuses on data infrastructure, open source and developer tools.

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Thanks to the cloud, the amount of data being generated and stored has exploded in scale and volume.
Every aspect of the enterprise is being instrumented for data, so new operations are built based on that data, pushing every company into becoming a data company.
One of the most profound and maybe non-obvious shifts driving this is the emergence of the cloud database. Services such as Amazon S3, Google BigQuery, Snowflake and Databricks have solved computing on large volumes of data and have made it easy to store data from every available source.
The enterprise wants to store everything they can in the hopes of being able to deliver improved customer experiences and new market capabilities.
It’s a good time to be a database company
Database companies have raised over $8.7 billion over the last 10 years, with almost half of that, $4.1 billion, just in the last 24 months, according to CB Insights.
It’s not surprising given the sky-high valuations of Snowflake and Databricks. The market doubled in the last four years to almost $90 billion, and is expected to double again over the next four years. It’s safe to say there is a huge opportunity to go after.
See here for a solid list o …

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