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Taking Social Security, Paying Student Debt: Financial Planners Weigh In


Ross Levin, the founder of Accredited Investors in Edina, Minn., considered Ms. Keyser’s question. The Keyser family is right on track with their current plan, one they have created mostly on their own, Mr. Levin said, especially given the pressures parents of college students face juggling their needs with their kids’.“I want to stress how anxiety-provoking it is to try to balance trying to put your kids through college and saving for retirement,” Mr. Levin said. “It’s not good planning to jeopardize your own financial security.”As Ms. Keyser has noticed with her parents’ and in-laws’ needs, Mr. Levin has also seen that many people underestimate the assets they will need should they become infirm.“We notice with our client …

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