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Daily Crunch: Google dumps FloC plan, proposes new Topics API for ad targeting


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Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for January 25, 2022! Today our cup overflows with news. There’s simply too much going on to cover in a single newsletter, so I’ve tried to fit as much as possible below. Some sections are condensed, but you’ll see why. No more delay, the news! – Alex
The TechCrunch Top 4

Google proposes Topics to replace cookies: The American search giant’s idea of building Federated Learning of Cohorts, or FLoCs is over. The company is instead proposing Topics. What are they? Per our own Frederic Lardinois, the idea behind Topics is that “your browser will learn about your interests as you move around the web,” storing around three weeks of data, focused on 300 different thematic groupings. Th …

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