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4 ways to make DEI a key component of customer service and culture


Joyce Lee

As Alorica’s chief culture officer, Joyce Lee oversees the development and execution of programs, activities and events that keep 100,000+ employees engaged and inspired.

Truly effective customer service is rooted in empathy, because it’s people who reach other people, and customers crave that kind of authenticity in their interactions with brands.
A customer service representative sets the tone for how a customer will perceive and engage with the company going forward. The more diverse your people are, the more they can relate to a diverse customer base.
Companies that not only embrace — but champion — grassroots diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are typically well positioned to deliver outstanding customer and employee experiences at every level and touch point. In order to do so, businesses must first focus on creating and preserving a happy, safe and healthy company culture that stems from nurturing a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.

Companies that deliver the best customer experiences tap into empathy powered by the human element. …

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