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How to hire great engineers when you don’t have any technical expertise


Marcelo Wiermann

Marcelo Wiermann leads the global recommendations engineering division at Delivery Hero, one of the world’s leading online food ordering and quick commerce companies.

Recruiting a winning engineering team can be intimidating, especially for first-time and non-technical founders.
I’ve served at multiple startups and established tech companies worldwide, and have hired more than 100 engineers. Recruiting great engineers involves four main challenges:


Finding good engineers is a lengthy subject in itself, and there is plenty of information on how to structure offers, so let’s focus on how to engage and assess great candidates.
I have identified a few startup-specific tactics that you can apply immediately even if you do not have a technical background.
You need to earn the attention of good candidates. Let’s skip the basics like getting an introduction through your network or running engaging LinkedIn and StackOverflow ads.

Wrap up all interviews within two weeks at most. This is one of the few advantages you have over recruiters and established companies.

You are targeting the top 25% of engineers, which puts you in direct competition with the best recruiters i …

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